Make Your Way to Free Miles

Make Your Way to Free Miles

We all know that flying is not cheap. A short 1 hour trip can be as much as $200 round trip and even if it is a short trip, driving to the location of our choice is not as short as flying.

This is where the miles come into use, except that miles are hard to come by. Many airlines will offer credit cards that will help with the accumulation of miles, some offering as much as 30,000 miles. Of course in order to get approved for the credit card, you have to have excellent credit and that is something not everyone has.

So what do we do in this situation? Where do we get miles without having to apply to credit cards and having to fly for them? Airlines offer other ways of earning miles whether it is through online shopping, dining out or buying miles. Although, I have linked my credit cards to my airline rewards program, I still find that what the airlines offer is not enough. I mean 1 flight is about 30,000 miles! By the time I earn enough miles to travel, I will have aged 4 years older. Then again it depends how much you online shop and dine out.

That in mind, I went searching for more ways to earn more miles and found this:


Not only do you get to buy Broadway show tickets, but you can earn miles. You can also answer trivia questions to earn miles, which is absolutely free to do! On top of that in some areas, like New York, if you pay your electricity bill, you get free Broadway show tickets.

Another site that has become my favorite is the e-rewards.

All you have to do is answer a few surveys and you make big bucks. I’m not talking about 5 cents or even 1 dollar. A lot of the surveys range from 5 dollars to 10 dollars, which makes it easy to collect 25 dollars and with 25 dollars you can collect as much as 500 miles. There’s also a good selection of rewards other than miles starting at 25 dollars.

Sure it might not get you 30,000 as fast as a credit card offer, but can you complain? It’s free miles!

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