Get Free Money for Your Travels! 

Someone once told me, “Nothing in life is free.”  Well I beg to differ,  but I believe that it is possible to find free stuff, including free money!  Now when I say free money,  I am talking about $1-$5, I’m not talking about millions of dollars,  but when you are trying to save up for […]

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Get up to $110 with Airbnb

Airbnb has become the most used accommodation marketplace among travelers.  It is so well known that whenever I speak to other travelers, it often comes up in conversation. So far I have heard nothing but good reviews from my fellow travelers. As someone who sees Airbnb beneficial and an in-between hostel and hotel, I thought […]

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Get Your $50 with Lyft

Need to get somewhere or need extra cash? Use Lyft! Just like Uber, Lyft is a car service provided by your friends, neighbors and anyone looking to make extra cash on the side. Best part is that when you are a first time user and register with my code, you get $50 of free ride […]

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