Weekend Adventure in Massachusetts

Known for its rich history and for the Boston Red Sox, Massachusetts is full of culture, history, and plenty of things to do. Anyone interested in historic sites or Ivy League universities can easily find a few choices in Massachusetts, which is why I made my way to Cambridge. The fifth-largest city in Massachusetts, Cambridge […]

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What to Do During a Layover

Ah layovers…this can be a real nightmare to some travelers. Especially, when you are in a rush to make it to a destination by a certain time. Although it is simple to avoid layovers by booking flights back to back, sometimes things can happen and you end up waiting for your flight. This has happened to […]

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Why You Should Travel

To some, travel is a vacation – a getaway from the everyday routine. To others, travel is a way of life – living in different places and through new experiences. Then there’s the 10% of people who wonder why anyone would want to travel. Crazy, right? but we’ve all met a 10%. Maybe it’s a […]

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