Five Signs You’ve Outgrown Staying in Hostels

Today, I am happy to introduce Travljunkie’s guest blogger, Jess from Tripelio. Jess has spent 3 1/2 years traveling and continues to travel, sharing her tips and trips.  Jess was kind enough to share with us the five signs you’ve outgrown staying in hostels. So without further ado, here are the five signs. There comes a time in […]

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Cheap ways to get to the airport

Parking at the airport can be very expensive, especially if you are leaving your vehicle at the airport longer than 4 days. Even taking a taxi to the airport can be very costly and not something I recommend. However, there are a few options to save money on airport parking and transportation.   1. Airport Parking […]

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8 Things to Take on Your Next Trip

Traveling can be such a hassle when you are lugging around suitcases from one country to the next. It’s also very frustrating when you never use the items you lugged around or you don’t have enough room for your souvenirs! Luckily, after traveling quite a bit, I have mastered the art of taking necessities with […]

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Travel the World with Non-Profits

As a lover of travel and non-profits, I have learned that volunteering while traveling is not a bad thing.  With so many programs available that allow me to volunteer abroad, I am able to make a difference in the world, while I get to travel to another country. Although, I have yet to volunteer abroad for […]

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Flight Anxiety

How to Get Rid of Flight Anxiety

Flight Anxiety is not a good feeling to go through, especially if you love traveling. Unfortunately, it happens to the best of us and as much as I hate to admit it, it has happened to me as well. Growing up with travel junkie parents, meant that I was on an airplane since birth (No I was […]

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Travel, taxi

Why You Should Travel

To some, travel is a vacation – a getaway from the everyday routine. To others, travel is a way of life – living in different places and through new experiences. Then there’s the 10% of people who wonder why anyone would want to travel. Crazy, right? but we’ve all met a 10%. Maybe it’s a […]

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Subscription Boxes for the Travel Obsessed Pt. 2

If you have read my first post regarding subscription boxes, then you know how much I love subscription boxes. Since my first post, I’ve been looking into more subscription boxes and found plenty of other amazing boxes that lets you travel the world from your home.   1. GlobeIn This has become one of my favorites […]

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